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Milex Portable Garment Steamer


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The Milex Garment Steamer incorporates the latest technology, designed to be a powerful and continuous superheated steamer. It produces up to 30% more steam flow as compared to other steamers, reaching peak operating temperatures in just 37 seconds.

We all dread ironing the clothes on laundry day, but the Milex Garment Steamer make this mundane chore a breeze. Getting your clothes looking like you just picked it up from the dry cleaner is now possible. The Milex Garment Steamer’s built-in hanger is specially designed for all garments such as skirts, shirts, trousers and jackets and in fact any fabric products.

The Milex Garment Steamer is safe to use on most delicate materials and curtains. The steam penetrates the fabric and loosens and relaxes the inner fibres without damaging your clothing. You can see and feel the difference as the creases disappear from your clothes.

You no longer have to take down the curtains to clean and give them a revitalised look. Use the Milex Garment Steamer to clean the curtains while on the rails. The powerful steam blast breaks up dirt and dust for a crisp, fresh look. Plus, you can get rid of any stains or odours as a bonus. The Milex Garment Steamer will not only remove wrinkles and creases, but it also sanitises and sterilises, not only your possessions such as clothes, curtains, tablecloths, bedding, upholstery, but even toys, kitchenware and other household items.

Key Features:

High performance
Low power consumption
High temperatures help sterilize clothing
Steam is gentler on clothing compared to a conventional iron
Lightweight and portable design
Easy to assemble and store
Perfect for clothes, curtains & carpets.
Time saving
Max. temperature: 98 ºC
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: 2000 W
Water tank: 1.6 Lt ( 70 min of steaming without refilling)
Double insulated steam hose
Quick heat up in 35 seconds

What’s in the box?
The Milex Portable Garment steamer unit
Clothes Hanger
Steaming Head Holder
Telescopic Pipe
Steam hose
User manual

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