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Digitech Starter Wireless Alarm Kit


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Gsm 900/1800/1900 bands can be used all over the world.
Full duplex communication with the base.
Monitor environment on the spot.
Voice and message alert.
Set alarm on and off by remote control.
Send sms to set alarm on, off, monitor, output.
5 Group phone numbers.
1 Group alarm monitor centre phone.
2 Group phone to report alarm and non- alarm status.
Able to program 7 group alarm messages.
3 Zone for wired detectors
16 Zone for wireless detector on or off
Easily switch each wire or wireless detector
1 Relay output to trigger camera when alarm is activated.

Sms message warning of external power failure or recovery.
Alarm control of indoor and outdoor sensors
Can be connected to a 3rd party monitoring company
Devices connected wirelessly to kit (except bpsb60m)

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